No New Posts Cornucopia

This year's cornucopia is smaller than average; one might almost call it worse for the wear, its facade is covered with weathered brass plates, bolts, even rusty gears; perhaps a better bloodbath tactic this year would be to climb on top of the twisted structure rather than hiding inside it. The ground surrounding the Cornucopia is rocky, soil and pieces of concrete from a land long ago dotting the area, so tread carefully, for in the arena a split second can determine your survival.

10 200 XXXO, Part 3 & 4 :: [Gunner + Words // Imp + Olivia]
by D5M Jacob Wickham [L△lia]
Jul 14, 2015 20:17:07 GMT -5
No New Posts Powerline Forest

It truly lives up to its name, for it's obvious that the wind turbines did not produce most of the electricity in this city. Miles upon miles of powerlines decorate the rolling landscape, which is just starting to grow a little greener with soft patches of grass. Wires crisscross through the skyline and one might be lucky enough to come across extra pieces of wood piled amongst the columns. But the sheer amount of powerlines is enough to disorient a tribute, and the birds that you can see nesting at the tops of these massive structures don't seem friendly in the slightest. One can only hope not to run into foes here; running through a vast, identical landscape is a sure fire way to get yourself noticed.

15 119 beautiful mind // key
by Stare
Aug 16, 2015 1:33:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Abandoned Factory

It's far too quiet here, especially for a building that was once at the center of an economic boom. But the abandoned factory looks over the surrounding landscape, dark and foreboding. Upon entrance, tributes will notice just how dark it really is - the few tall windows slightly illuminate parts of the factory, but the rest of the factory is in shadows. Clearly, the power is out, and based on the status of the cracking lights, it might not ever be able to come to life ever again. Large contraptions and dangerous machinery are the perfect place to hide behind, but be on the lookout: the shadows seem to be moving when you least expect it, and if someone or something manages to jump you your gasp may be the last breath you will ever take.

13 151 addendum; wyatt
by mylee
Mar 5, 2016 21:37:38 GMT -5
No New Posts R Train

Identical to the L Train in all but destination, the R Train travels vertically; tributes can visit the Abandoned Factory, Wind Turbines, Rubble, Cornucopia, Scrap Heap and Clocktower. Padded seats line the edges of each car, so you might as well make yourself comfortable and hold onto the railings; it is going to be a wild ride. Of course, if you choose to ride on top of the train instead of inside it then you had better make sure you don't fly off to your death instead.

7 44 { white } nat krigel's last
by анзие (Anz)
Jul 16, 2015 18:30:11 GMT -5
No New Posts L Train

Cutting through the arena, this surprisingly sleek train (much like the ones the tributes boarded to reach the Capitol) allows tributes to access the Powerline Forest, Wind Turbines, Rubble, Cornucopia, Clocktower and Scrap Heap. There's even a sign that lets tributes know of each possible stop on the train. Yet be wary tributes: while when you board it's almost inviting, a metal "carpet" rolls out from the sliding door to the platform - leaving will be a different story.

11 82 XXXO, Part 7 :: [Gunner + Words // Preston]
by D5M Jacob Wickham [L△lia]
Jul 14, 2015 23:13:18 GMT -5
No New Posts Rubble

In this section of the arena, the ruins of a city remain scattered with abandoned buildings, which have been left to crumble over time. Nothing is left standing, and tributes can only wonder exactly what caused the city’s inevitable collapse. The ground itself is littered with shattered glass and the occasional piece of broken furniture, but any evidence of the past is removed, leaving only an unanswered question. If tributes are lucky, they might find something useful among the rubble, but beware: though the area looks completely abandoned, something dangerous could easily be lurking amidst the ruins.

4 16 every sleep a little death { rowan's last }
by quillon blackfare. d9m. zoë.
Jun 21, 2015 0:44:25 GMT -5
No New Posts Scrap Heap

The scrap heap in the eastern section of the arena is compiled of trash and various leftovers from the past, including a selection of objects that crafty tributes can potentially use for their own creations. There’s everything from metal to old rusty gears to Ripred-only-knows-what, and it’s been pushed up into a large mountain of a pile that looks like it could topple over at any moment. Still, the scrap heap could yield some useful items if tributes go looking, but anyone wandering through should take care and watch their step, because you never know what might just come crawling out from underneath the trash.

14 59 And there lays Tybalt slain [Ty's DP WIP]
by Ani Jays here?
Aug 3, 2015 14:23:00 GMT -5
No New Posts Sewer System

Probably the gloomiest section of the arena, tributes who wander through the manholes located in separate corners will find a location steeped in blackness. As they descend the rickety ladder into the sewer system, tributes must light the way with a gas lamp if they want to see the faces of their allies and avoid tripping into the sewage that flows through its various tunnels. Some canals are used for transporting human waste, while others – much cleaner, though still questionable – carry rainwater that can be used for drinking. However, tributes should take caution; if they aren’t careful, they might just end up getting lost among the various tunnels, going ‘round and ‘round in circles until they reach an unlucky end.

7 71 Gold Her Shroud // [Circe's Last]
by alexxx is here :heart_eyes:
Aug 3, 2015 11:47:18 GMT -5
No New Posts Clock Tower

Standing high above the other locations, the Clock Tower is a landmark on its own, visible from almost every corner of the Arena. At its base, tributes will find a series of doors leading to the inside, and if they dare to take a peek they’ll find that the doors lead to a great winding stairwell. If they venture all the way to the top, the adventurous tributes will find a bell nestled inside the building’s peak, surrounded by a host of complicated gears that move on their own, turning the hands of the clock and keeping the time. Though the bell tolls every hour like it should, it also chimes out the anthem as sunset approaches, and it’s the sound of the bell that will haunt the tributes’ nightmares until they reach their graves.

8 29 I don't belong here {Imps finale}
by Atlas Shim <> D5m {Arrows}
Jul 25, 2015 0:23:22 GMT -5
No New Posts Wind Turbines

In the southwestern corner of the arena there lies a flat location dotted with wind turbines in every direction, generating power for a city long-forgotten. Tributes will find that a strong wind howls during all hours of the day and night, and most of the turbines spin at a steady rate, never ceasing, consistent even as tributes die beneath them. Thankfully for the tributes, the location is flat enough to provide some semblance of a warning if others are lurking, but – just the same – the open expanse of land leaves every living thing vulnerable and easy to spot from a distance.

6 34 XXXO, Part 5 :: [Gunner + Words // Lily]
by D5M Jacob Wickham [L△lia]
Jul 14, 2015 20:43:52 GMT -5

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